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Jo lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and needy, but lovable, doggos, Gus (Australian Shepherd) and Henrik (Swedish Vallhund—look it up, they’re adorable).

Her favorite season is Fall, though the color change in the PNW isn't quite as beautiful as it is in her home state of Ohio. Jo loves cooking, though her favorite thing to eat (aside from potato chips) is pho, which she's unsuccessfully tried to make three times. Her drink of choice is either a Gibson or a Bloody Mary, though lately she's been experimenting with mezcal. She also loves puzzles, hiking, and karaoke. 

Jo's stories feature strong, passionate heroines and draw upon aspects of her life, such as her love of good food and great cocktails, dancing, her Mexican heritage, and her fascination with archaeology which inspired her debut romcom, Raiders of the Lost Heart, to be released December of 2023 by Berkley Romance.

Jo is represented by Eva Scalzo of the Speilburg Literary Agency.

Jo's Writing Companions


LIKES: butt scratches, white rice and plain

nood(le)s, hogging the bed

DISLIKES: getting brushed, baths


LIKES: noogies, rolling in wet grass, naps,

getting brushed

DISLIKES: stopping on walks to talk to

people who aren’t paying attention to him

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